Dutch photographer Marianne Dams was born in Zegge, a small village in Western North Brabant. Marianne was surrounded by nature, farm animals, meadows, trees, flowers, but the road to the wide world was never far. As a child, Belgium felt like a pleasant, friendly neighbor. To the north, above the rivers was foreign and strange, so it was exciting to discover.

Marianne Dams is an independent fine-art photographer / image maker in Ossendrecht. She is self-taught, with the help of a befriended teacher. Marianne works between reality and abstract, often combining her Nikon Dx with the analogue Biotar 1.5 / 75.

Inspiration: Marianne prefers to go ‘picturecombing’, the photographic form of beachcombing. It is wonderful to stroll around in the area for beautiful images. In your own backyard, in the woods around Ossendrecht, on the North Sea coasts or further away. Every place is suitable, everywhere you can find images full of impressions. The time span between sun and moon has a preference. It is an exciting moment when sun and moon are both there.